Azendoo Boards basics

Learn the basics of how to use Azendoo Task Boards

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Azendoo boards are a great option to manage processes with your team members, or by yourself. Each task can be dragged and dropped between columns to show progress and inside columns to show priority.


There are two types of boards: personal boards and subject boards.

Personal board:

Each workspace member have their own personal task lists, and their own board. The board displays all the tasks assigned to you that are considered as to-do (which do not include snoozed, canceled and completed tasks).

To access a personal board click on the Board tab under My tasks. You can create columns and tasks, re-organize your tasks with drag & drop, open tasks by clicking on them and more.

Subject board:

Each subject has a board which displays the same tasks as the subject to-do list (which do not include canceled or completed tasks).

To access a subject board open the subject and click on the board tab. Anyone who has access to this subject can create columns and tasks, re-organize the tasks with drag & drop, and you’ll see the changes live as they occur.

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