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  1. Getting started 

    1. Getting started with Azendoo
    2. What is Azendoo
    3. How to access my Azendoo account?
    4. How to personalize my profile?
    5. How to change my display name?
  2. New features 

    1. Your Daily Planner
    2. New Layout
    3. Pinned subjects
    4. Email-to-task & syntax
    5. Creating a Task from an Evernote note
  3. Workspaces 

    1. What is a workspace?
    2. How do I invite people in a workspace?
    3. How to resend an invitation
    4. How to cancel an invitation
    5. How to remove users from a workspace
  4. Subjects 

    1. Why Subjects are much more than "Projects"?
    2. What is a subject?
    3. How to list all subjects available in a workspace
    4. How do I create a Subject?
    5. How do I change the name of a Subject?
  5. Tasks 

    1. Features available on a task
    2. How to create a task?
    3. How to best organize my tasks?
    4. How does the Planner view work?
    5. How to subscribe to tasks
  6. Messages 

    1. How do I post a Message?
    2. Who receives and who can see your message
    3. How do I take a vote?
    4. How do I attach files to a message?
    5. Delete a message
  7. Teams 

    1. What are your teammates working on?
  8. Notifications and Email 

    1. How to manage notifications?
    2. How to manage Desktop Notifications
  9. Integrations 

    1. How to link your Google account to Azendoo
    2. How to link an Evernote account to Azendoo
    3. How to link my Dropbox account to Azendoo
    4. How to link my Box account to Azendoo?
    5. How to link my Skype account to Azendoo?
  10. Mobile App 

    1. Where can I find Azendoo mobile app
    2. Use my Google account on Azendoo Mobile app
    3. Where can I find azendoo Mobile/Tablet App?
    4. How do tasks work on the mobile app
  11. Account settings 

    1. How do I change or (re)set my password?
    2. How to change the email address linked to my account?
    3. What is the difference between Starter, Team and Business
    4. How to choose my Premium plan
    5. How to manage a Business Subscription?
  12. Canned Responses 

    1. Summer Edition
    2. The Azendoo application is celebrating its first birthday and wants to give you a very special present!
    3. Can you do subjects within subjects?
    4. How can I upgrade my teammates to be an officer of a subject?
    5. Can we use Azendoo as an IM app?
  13. All articles 

    1. Summer Edition
    2. What are your teammates working on?
    3. What is a workspace?
    4. How to manage notifications?
    5. Features available on a task
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