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Knowledge Base

  1. Account 

    1. How to personalize my profile?
    2. How to change my display name?
    3. How to change language in Azendoo?
    4. How to change my background picture?
    5. How to access my Azendoo account?
  2. Workspace 

    1. How to create a new workspace?
    2. How to access a workspace's settings page?
    3. How to personalize a workspace's icon?
    4. How do I get my team to use Azendoo?
    5. How do I invite people in a workspace
  3. Integrations 

    1. Using Email with Azendoo (task@azendoo.com)
    2. Using your Calendar with Azendoo (sync tasks with a due date)
    3. Using Evernote with Azendoo
    4. Using Google with Azendoo
    5. Using Dropbox with Azendoo
  4. Subjects 

    1. What are Azendoo Subjects?
    2. How does TAGGING work?
    3. How to list all subjects available in a workspace
    4. How does the Subjects' left column work?
    5. How do I create a Subject?
  5. Messages 

    1. How do I post a Message?
    2. How do I attach files to a message?
    3. How to delete a message
    4. How do I take a vote?
    5. How can we message a certain person without letting the rest of the group know about the conversation?
  6. Tasks 

    1. How do I create a task?
    2. How to share a task?
    3. How to assign a task to someone?
    4. How to add participants to a task?
    5. How to link a task to a subject or workspace
  7. Documents 

    1. How to upload / attach / share files, folders and documents?
    2. Are my Google Drive, Evernote or Dropbox files imported into Azendoo?
    3. Who can see a linked file, document or note?
    4. How to remove a file that was uploaded to Azendoo?
  8. Mobile & Desktop 

    1. Where can I find Azendoo for iOS, Android, MacOS X, Windows?
    2. Where can I find azendoo Mobile/Tablet App?
    3. How to manage Desktop Notifications
    4. How do tasks work on the mobile app
  9. Billing & Plans 

    1. Azendoo premium plans
    2. [For Teams] How to use a Team discount code
    3. [For Teams] How to use a Team trial coupon
    4. [For Teams] How to link workspaces to a Team premium subscription?
    5. [For Teams] Download Team invoices - Centralized billing
  10. Miscellaneous 

    1. Keyboard shortcuts
    2. Don't miss important emails from Azendoo
    3. How to use Search?
    4. How does Search work?
    5. Your Daily Planner
  11. Aide en Français 

    1. Comment personnaliser mon profil
    2. Comment changer mon nom
    3. Comment changer la langue de mon compte
    4. Comment changer l'image de fond
    5. Comment changer mon mot de passe?
  12. All articles 

    1. Using Email with Azendoo (task@azendoo.com)
    2. Keyboard shortcuts
    3. How to create a new workspace?
    4. How to personalize my profile?
    5. How to upload / attach / share files, folders and documents?
    142 articles 

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